Who we are and what we are about.


Sandy Shaw


Co-founder and Breast Cancer Survivor

“A cancer diagnosis is devastating in so many ways. In most ways these are obvious such as the challenge of one’s mortality and the debilitation of the treatment but then there is the financial impact that no one really thinks about unless you are the patient and his/her family. Even if the patient has a job and insurance it stills takes a huge financial toll from the insurance co-pays, the medications, gasoline going back & forth to treatments & physician appointments. Patients even question whether they should seek treatment in fear that it may place their family’s financial situation in jeopardy!

As I worked with cancer patients over the past several years I found that in addition to thinking about their physical and emotional well- being there were the financial hardships that the disease had caused. With one young man who had been off of work for almost a year the cost of car tags was an obstacle that would have prevented him from returning to the work force & society. He and his family were tapped financially. A physician who was not involved in his care heard his story and together we paid the ninety dollars; a small amount to pay to assist an individual back into a life that is somewhat normal after having cancer…That’s what FCAS is all about!”

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Marcie Jackson

Co-founder and Breast Cancer Survivor

“As a survivor of breast cancer I know the toll that a cancer diagnosis can have on an individual and the entire family. The journey one takes is emotional, physical and can be financially crippling. I was one of the lucky people in that the cancer was found early due to yearly mammograms.

On the other side of my recovery I decided I wanted to give back since I was strong enough to do so. I began working with a nonprofit whose initiative was to make sure women in Montana got screening mammograms. It was not long after this that an oncology nurse and dear friend, Sandy decided that we could help many more families and patients in need.

This vision became Flathead Cancer Aid Services, Inc. a nonprofit that assists cancer patients in financial need that lives in the community we call home, Flathead County. We are here to help men, women, and children with daily non-medical needs. Our first fundraiser enabled us to give over $23,000.00 to cancer survivors and our neighbors in need. With these funds we hope to allow the patients to focus on their recovery which we know is a battle in itself.”